A baby is coming! Isn’t this lovely? Imagine this whole new happy chapter called motherhood. 


It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed about what you’re going through, BUT! We’re here to help; so relax, bring your tea and let us share with you some tips you should know that COULD make life much easier in this journey. 


1.- Stick to the doctor.

As soon as you receive the news, consult your go-to doctor. It’s important to make sure you and your baby are healthy.


2.-Listen to your body.

If you feel something abnormal is happening, you have heavy bleeding, a fever higher than 38º, or very strong abdominal pain, it is best to go to your doctor.


3.- Mood swings are normal in pregnancy. Remember that your body is going through a lot of changes and so are your hormones.


4.- Take care of your nourishment

Consult your doctor about which food and supplements are recommended for your pregnancy. It is important to eat well and get all the nutrients you and the baby need.


5.- Exercise.

You can do certain physical activities without a problem. Find the one you like best and adapt it to your daily routine.


6.- Look for extra support.

Throughout this process, the belly begins to grow and the weight begins to generate pain and fatigue. Look for a girdle to help you carry the weight and avoid discomfort.


7.- Last but not least… 

Document your pregnancy! Pictures and videos cannot be missed. This is a beautiful experience, try to capture the best moments of your bump, as a couple and future family. 


We hope these were informative. Tell us, what tip has worked for you during your pregnancy? Have you tried any?



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